The misfortunes of a rocky ride

Driving along bumpy roads can’t be described as a pleasant experience – many motorists find themselves driving at the slowest speed possible whilst trying to avoid the biggest and most journey-disturbing rocks and holes.

So, here at duck2water we hate to imagine how it felt for a German driver who managed to land his car on a boulder – and this wasn’t a small boulder by any means!

According to a report, the motorist lost control of his vehicle causing it to spin round three times on the tarmac before landing atop a rather large rock which was in a neighbour’s driveway.

The small sports-car ended up with its rear end suspended it the air while the bonnet remained resolutely on the road.

There’s been no word about how the driver managed to get himself out of the compromising situation – or whether the car has been left in a fit state to carry on with life on the road – but we reckon he should stick to watching car stunts at the cinema rather than attempting to recreate the action himself!

Photo © grendelkhan via Flickr, under Creative Commons Licence

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