Put your car on a diet for cheaper car insurance

Despite the rise in popularity of the compact car, it appears that vehicles are getting fatter because the size of the average driver is increasing.

According to recent newspaper reports, in 1953 a Ford Prefect car was 4ft 9inches wide and its seat cushions measured 18inches long. Today, a 2011 Ford Focus measures 6ft 1inch wide and has a 23inch long seat cushions.

As the world’s bottoms and bellies are expanding cars have become bigger as a result, and heavier too, to cope with the strain of having to transport obese passengers.

And now, it appears, some manufacturers are recruiting volunteers, ranging from slim to overweight, to help them study how today’s larger drivers cope behind the wheel and to gauge what functions and additions their cars need to be equipped with in order to be driven by heavier motorists.

Personally, I think this is crazy, because as the cars get bigger, they will get less efficient and more costly to run, which is unfair on those people who don’t need a reinforced floor in their vehicle or extra tummy space behind the steering.

Hopefully, manufacturers will also see a market for the “healthy-sized” car which will be slimmer, lighter, more manoeuvrable and less hungry at the fuel pump.

And maybe this amazing lightweight vehicle will qualify for cheaper car insurance as well &ndash: now that would be good!

Image © Stefan via Flickr, under Creative Commons Licence

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