Why advertise on a car when you can use your face?

It’s not too unusual to spot a few vans and cars sporting advertisements for businesses when you go for a drive. It’s an excellent opportunity for businesses to make themselves known to potential customers.

However, it seems that two graduates have taken this method a few steps further. In order to pay off their university debts, they decided to sell some advertising space they had. Only, rather than using a car or shop window to advertise, they are using their faces.

Having created a combined student debt of almost £50,000, the two grew fed up with the graduate job market and became worried they would start careers they have no interest in.

They plan to make a living for a whole year by using their own faces as advertisements. Companies pay for the two to paint a specific logo on their faces for an entire day.

As the graduates go about their day-to-day life, everyone will be able to see the alternative advertising technique.

The business began at the beginning of October, and the two men are already overwhelmed with their success, making a phenomenal £3,500 in their first ten days.

At that rate it won’t be long until they can afford a fleet of cars and vans to create more advertising space.

Photo © rightee via Flickr, under Creative Commons Licence

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