Making use of time with self-driving cars

According to the US car giant General Motors, cars will be able to drive themselves from as early as 2020, and the state-of-art vehicles are thought to be a much safer option than human drivers.

Here at duck2water we find the concept of a self-driving car very strange – for example, if the car drives itself well, does it work up to no-claim bonus car insurance?

However, the technicalities haven’t stopped us from daydreaming about the things we could do while our cars chauffeured us around.

Rather than making time in the mornings to prepare and eat breakfast, we could use the entire time to cook a full English breakfast and indulge ourselves on the journey to work.

Concerns about designating a sober driver on a night out could well be eliminated and trying to spot dark clothed pedestrians at night time would become a thing of the past as the vehicle sensors would automatically detect a person’s presence.

In fact, theoretically, we would be able to read a book, take a phone call, sip a coffee and do our hair without posing any type of risk on the road and saving ourselves heaps of time.

That is of course unless we accidentally hair-spray our book pages together and haphazardly drop our phone in the coffee. That would really defeat the object of using the time to become more organised!

We guess we’ll all have to wait at least another nine years until we can discover the true benefits of self-driving cars.

Photo © ianmunroe via flickr, under Creative Commons Licence

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