Super-car scenario

Note the photo of the sleek expensive McLaren super-car to the right.

Now imagine it in gleaming white fresh off the production line and imagine that you’re working for McLaren and you’ve just been handed the keys to this vehicle (the MP4-12C) and asked to take it for a test drive before it’s delivered to a customer.

(At this point we’d like to add that this car costs £170,000 and only 4,000 will be made throughout the next few years.)

Ok, so you’re driving the super-car on the A320 in Woking, Surrey. Everything’s going great. – keep driving. What a great job you have, testing super-cars. You’re so lucky.

And you just pull out of a lay-by and lose control of the car and collide with an oncoming VW Passat.


A nightmare? This was a terrible reality for one McLaren worker recently. Mechanics worked as hard as possible to salvage parts of the expensive vehicle – we wonder whether that staff member managed to salvage their job though…

On the plus side, no one was injured!

Photo © p_c_w via Flickr, under Creative Commons Licence

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