Here’s a scenario Indiana Jones wouldn’t have enjoyed one bit!

While travelling along an American highway at 65mph, a family from Memphis, Tennessee, were shocked to see a snake emerge from the windscreen wiper vents on the bonnet of their car before looping itself round one of the wing-mirrors and dropping itself onto the road.

The family were stunned – so naturally they videoed the whole event and uploaded it on YouTube. As you do.

It’s had more than 120,000 views since the family put it on the site last week.

Would you like to add to that number? Well, we’ve embedded the video for your entertainment.

Mostly you can just hear the mother screaming and saying “Oh, my God, Oh, my God”, the young son singing “Snaky, snaky, snaky”, and the dad having a good laugh.

The family think that their reptilian hitchhiker must have been enjoying the heat under their car bonnet, and was disturbed by the vehicle’s movement.

We just hope that the snake made it across the tarmac to safety – because despite how scary they can appear and the father’s short chant of “kill it” at the end of the footage, snakes are largely misunderstood animals who’d rather be left alone than go around biting people.

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