Not too good to be true?

Usually when we hear about some new car which promises to run purely on good feeling and traverse all terrain and double up as a five bedroom house – we don’t expect it to see a saleroom floor at any time during its usually brief existence.

However, we believe that we may finally have found a vehicle which will live up to its manufacturer’s seemingly far-fetched sales pitch.

Gibbs High Speed Amphibian Technology says the Aquada can go from being a road vehicle to a water-borne motor in less than 12 seconds at the press of a button.

So, what has made us believe that this car may actually see the sales floor at some point, you may ask? Well for one thing it was recently seen being driven by a private owner and some friends down the River Great Ouse through Cambridgshire.

It may sound improbable, and it does cost £150,000, but according to witnesses of the floating vehicle the people aboard “seemed to be having a brilliant time,” so we’re sold!

Image by whosuno via photobucket

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