Don’t always follow instructions

Here’s a water-based story that warns against paying too much attention to your sat-nav and not enough to the road in front.

In Washington, USA, three women went plunging into the Mercer Slough river in their SUV when they trusted the commanding voice of their GPS system a little too much.

Now it was dark – but if they had the vehicle lights on and weren’t driving too fast, they should have been able to see that they were being guided right down a boat slipway that led straight into the water.

Luckily for the women aboard the newly submerged vehicle, they were able to get out quickly as the Mercer Slough came pouring in.

After that all they could do was watch as their car sunk below the surface – no doubt drowning the engine completely.

A tow truck driver tried to drag the SUV out, but to no avail, and today the police are trying their hand at car fishing instead.

We doubt the car will be drivable after that ordeal.

Don’t get too drawn in by the sat-nav instructions – you have been warned.

Image by Kirrus via Flickr, under Creative Commons Licence

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