Turning to the dark side – viral video Passat advert at work to sell cars

Okay, so they missed a trick by not launching it on May the fourth but Volkswagen’s new advert for the Passat model has taken the internet, and car ad enthusiasts, by storm (troopers not withstanding).

The little boy’s futile attempts to use Jedi mind powers to bring objects to life are backed by the thumping theme music from the Star Wars films and take on a tragi-comic quality until the family car mysteriously responds.

I don’t know about you, but I think the ad is great. The diminutive Darth Vader threatens mysterious mischief but cannot even raise so much as a woof from the family’s pet Labrador.

Yet, when dad arrives home in the Volkswagen, the young Jedi Master is able to use his powers to make the car flash and beep (or was it dad’s remote key fob) and the boy’s reaction is priceless.

In terms of selling the car’s prowess as a piece of automotive engineering I’m not sure the ad has much to say, but as a soft-sell brand awareness campaign – with the intervention of the video’s viral presence on social networking sites – its Jedi mind trickery is obviously working.

The Passat is the car I am looking for – I must buy it and go about my business.


I watched a lot viral videos in wally.tv .They are more hilarious. Such as sperm bank, ANGRY BIRDS theme, Jeff Dunham Achmed. You can take a look that will enlighten your gloomy day.
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