Unleaded, and premium…water?

Warning: this is not an April Fools – no, really, it isn’t.

A Japanese company called Genepax has apparently created an eco-friendly car which runs on water alone.

Unbelievable? Yes. True? It’s up on the firm’s website and looks thoroughly credible. 

On just one litre of water, the vehicle makers claim that the car can run at 50mph for an hour.  According to the proud firm, you can even fuel the vehicle with tea or fizzy drinks and it’s emission free!

It works by breaking the water down into its composite parts, using an energy generator located at the rear of the car. Using the hydrogen contained in the liquid, electric power is produced when it enters a generator. also located in the vehicle. 

Reports say that inventors of the water-powered car, aim to enter into collaboration with Japanese car manufacturing firms and begin to mass produce it. 

Who knows, maybe in a few years water cars will be the norm and we’ll all be complaining about how wasteful those old electric, battery-powered vehicles were.  Alternatively, we may all be anticipating a world-wide water shortage. 

Image by Greg Reigler Photography via Flickr, under Creative Commons Licence

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