Take that, petrol station!

One 58-year-old man from Northampton has become so frustrated with fuel prices, and damage to the environment caused by petrol and diesel emissions, that he’s started making his own bio-fuel instead.

The former mechanic uses leftover vegetable oil from various Indian restaurants in his area. He explains, “Indian restaurants have the best vegetable oil because they don’t fry so many fatty meats. I just leave my tub with them and then come back a few weeks later and it is full up. I am looking at some fish and chip shops which only fry fish and chips, no meat.”

Apparently he only pays the restaurants “between 15p and 24p for a litre,” and even after he mixes in a few other ingredients it still costs him less than 40p per litre of fuel.

He adds that, “since 2007 the Government has allowed every home to make up to 2,500 litres of bio-fuel tax free for a year. You will never use this much, it is an excellent way to combat the fuel crisis.”

Although the equipment he uses to make the fuel cost him £350, he is confident that it will soon have paid for itself with all the money he’s saving.

The man is now running his Vauxhall Corsa using home-made vegetable-oil bio-fuel…and we think we’re going to pop out to the Indian restaurant with an empty bucket.

Image by not_so_silent via photobucket

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