Don’t try to pack too much in this Easter

The Easter holidays are here at last and for those of us who are lucky enough to be able to afford a holiday, perhaps because we’ve saved on our car insurance, it’s time to pack our bags and load up our cars.

The problem is that, much like overloading your body with sweets, treats and booze, overloading your car with holiday goodies is not very healthy.

New research by a motor insurance company has revealed that many Brits are unaware of the dangers of overloading their vehicles, with 20% of drivers even oblivious to the fact that it is possible to overload a car.

Yet the safety risks are manifold: reduced vision caused by chock-a-blok boots; unsecured items falling onto drivers and passengers and reduced performance caused by over-strained vehicle suspension.

In worst case scenarios, overloading your car this holiday may even cause a breakdown or an accident. So, it’s moderate packing for maximum safety then.

Wherever you are this Easter, may it be a good one.

Image by stringer_bel via Flickr, under Creative Commons Licence

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