Hot dogs

As the weather hots up in anticipation of the summer, motorists might want to remember the suncream and a bottle of water for trips out. 

However another very important thing to keep in mind are the needs of any canine friends accompanying a driver on a journey. 

Dogs might not be able to vocalise the fact that they’re getting a bit too warm and dehydrated, but if your top is stuck to your back and the faint breeze from the window isn’t enough – the likelihood is that your dog is also feeling the effects of the hot weather. 

Humans and dogs can suffer from heatstroke, so keep your pet hydrated on a long journey, take breaks so that you can both breathe some fresh air, and find a shady patch to cool down in – even if it’s in an un-picturesque motorway services car park.

The RSPCA are warning car owners of the dangers of leaving dogs in hot cars too.  Apparently, within an hour the temperature inside a vehicle can be twice that of the temperature outside, so leaving an animal there could have disastrous consequences. 

They may not need suncream – but dogs still need to be kept safe on sunny days!

Image by malias via Flickr, under Creative Commons Licence

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