Time for the cool bus

We may not see buses as being exciting and futuristic – but a new Dutch creation could change all that.

The Superbus, now on show at the World Exhibition of the International Association of Public Transport in Dubai, is 15 feet in length (about a standard London bus), has six wheels, can seat 23 passengers, and apparently reaches a top speed of 155mph.

You might think that this vehicle cannot get any better – but wait – it runs using an electric motor and lithium batteries, so it’s eco-friendly too!

Oh, and did we forget to mention that the exterior is futuristic and aerodynamic, and the interior boasts a TV and internet access, as well as one air bag for every passenger?

A former Dutch astronaut, and member of the TU Delft University design team for the vehicle, stated, “The strength to the concept is that the Superbus can drive everywhere where a normal bus can drive.

“It has adjustable height, rear-wheel steering and a turning circle of roughly 10 metres.”

If the vehicle passes inspections by the government in the United Arab Emirates, then it could go into service there, just like any other bus!

If it does pass we’re going over to The Emirates to try it out and experience the most comfortable and stylish bus journey we’ll probably have ever been on – then we’ll send a letter to Boris Johnson explaining how the Superbus will improve London’s transport problems no end!

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