Give us a pony and we’ll take you to Holyhead

What do you do if your car insurance doesn’t cover you to drive with a horse box attached to your vehicle? You take your pony to the train station and try to get it on a train – obviously!

Well, at least that’s just what a man in Wrexham, north Wales, attempted to do.

The man apparently arrived at Wrexham Station’s ticket office and asked for two tickets to Holyhead.

When his request was refused he reportedly replied “I know the law” and promptly led the animal onto the northbound platform, having travelled in a lift up to a bridge across the tracks, and yes, the pony went along for the ride.

Pictures featured in the press show the man as he tries to get on the train with the pony close behind him. However, a conductor was soon on the scene to stop the pair from getting into a carriage.

It is said that there was a brief argument, but eventually man and beast left the platform.

A spokesperson for Aviva Trains Wales explained that they exercised a “no livestock” policy on their trains and commented, “We do allow small animals, such as dogs and guide dogs, onboard but not large animals that could pose a risk to the general public.”

Here at duck2water car insurance, we wonder what the hapless traveller did next – we’re guessing that hitch-hiking might have been problematic too.

Image © Todd Huffman via Flickr, under Creative Commons Licence

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