Cornish pasty power

Here we go again – apparently scientists have found a way of partially running a vehicle on oil extracted from, amongst other things, leftover Cornish pasties.

This environmentally-friendly fuel resource would otherwise be chucked into landfill but according to the experts, when extracted from the discarded food products and mixed with diesel it can be turned into greener fuel for motorists.

Reportedly, there are even plans to sell this bio-diesel across the UK at petrol stations!

The company which plans to take on the manufacture of this pasty-juice, Greenenergy, already produces 10 billion litres of biodiesel and normal diesel every year and is investing £50 million in its factory in Lincolnshire so that it can efficiently process the used Cornish cooking oils.

The firm’s chief executive has stated, “We've always tried to find ways of reducing the environmental impact of our fuel and as oil prices continue to rise, it's obviously important to develop alternative sources of fuel.”

Some processed foods are 30% cooking oil, so throwing those types of food into landfill is quite wasteful on the oil front.

We wonder whether petrol stations will only be able to call it Cornish pasty petrol if the pasty the oil originally came from was made in Cornwall. Well – the pasty has achieved protected status now – can’t ignore that!

Image by Gareth_Rogers via Flickr, under Creative Commons Licence

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