Future super car

Bored of having to drive on the road?

A 21-year-old Chinese mechanic design graduate has created a sleek space-ship of a car which she claims can drive over road, sand, ice and water!

She designed the super car for a competition which was held by Volkswagen to find a great “go-anywhere” vehicle, and has called it the Volkswagen Aqua. 

Apparently it can not only pass from one type of environment to another seamlessly, but has a top speed of 62mph, which may sound quite low but isn’t bad for a vehicle which is supported by airbags and pushed forwards by four fans and a hydrogen fuel-cell motor. 

Yes, you read correctly, this fantastically futuristic vehicle also emits zero carbon emissions.

We love the photos and information we’ve seen so far on this car, but we’re a little put off by one aspect. 

People getting into the car will go through a hatch at the rear of the vehicle, which is very cool, but we imagine this means there’s no boot to speak of. 

So this might not be a great car for going on holiday or to the shops with – oh, and you’re only allowed one friend, since this automobile is a two-seater. 

Still, a quick look at the concept pictures of this car will make you forget anything that you were previously concerned about, vehicle-related or not.

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