If Shakespeare had written guidance for roundabouts…

As author Umberto Eco admits in the Guardian that there are books on his personal book shelves that he has not read and probably never will, we ask how many motorists have actually read the definitive motoring book of our time.

Eco asks, “Who has actually read Finnegans Wake – I mean from beginning to end? Who has read the Bible properly, from Genesis to the Apocalypse?"

And here at duck2water, we would like to know how many of us have actually read the Highway Code from introduction to final appendices

According to the Driving Standards Agency, the Highway Code celebrated its 80th birthday in April this year and is, so they say, one of Britain’s best selling and most iconic publications.

On commemorating the first edition of the road user’s guide Road Safety Minister Mike Penning said, "The Highway Code is the official guide to using the roads safely and responsibly. The Code has helped to save thousands of lives over the last 80 years, which is cause for celebration.

"The Highway Code is not just for new drivers, it holds crucial information for everyone from experienced motorists and motorcyclists to horse riders and pedestrians.”

So, as Mr Eco delves through the dusty tomes of his own personal library I shall attempt to find and revisit a memorable read from my own youth. Yes the ubiquitous Highway Code – it should be a valued possession of every road user in the UK.

Image © austinevan via Flickr, under Creative Commons Licence

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