Google news from three decades ago

Google is great! Well it’s certainly useful when you search for something like “James Bond cars” and you get all sorts of information about the iconic vehicles used in the films.

Recently a new tool has sprung up on the news pages so that when you search for something you receive details of archived items about your search term.

And when I put in “James Bond cars” I saw three old news items relating to all things 007.

For instance, on April 5th 1966, the Sarasota Journal was reporting that Prince Andrew was about to take delivery of a model of the secret agent’s Aston Martin DB5, as driven by Sean Connery in Goldfinger, given as a gift by the Buckinghamshire motor manufacturers.

The scanned copy of the newspaper reported, “The prince, third of the queen’s four children, will use the car around the grounds of Windsor Castle.

“Electrically driven, it can go six miles an hour. Its radar operates over a radius of three miles.”

And the queen was reported to have said, “It’s wonderful. Andrew will be so pleased.”

So, there you have it – the internet giving us a little bit of news from over 35 years ago. Yes, Google is great!

Image © zanthrax-dot-nl via Flickr, under Creative Commons Licence

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