Christmas come early

Remember the excitement leading up to Christmas and how quickly it’s over?

Yes, we are well aware (despite the weather) that it is June and the summer has only just begun, however, Hamleys toy store has already released a list of toys it thinks will be best sellers come December.

A bit premature perhaps, but we suppose that when you’re in the toy business it’s your business to know such things.

According to the company, it’s toy cars that will be at the top of every child’s letter to Farther Christmas – unless the bad news has been broken to them, in which case they’ll be begging their parents for them instead.

The head of buying at Hamleys has said, "There's a lot that is movie driven this year, with Cars 2, Transformers 3…

"Finn McMissile, with his fully loaded car, as well as the Transformers bumble bee I'd imagine will be sought after this Christmas."

As for the rest of us who can’t get away with rolling toy cars across the carpet anymore, maybe we’ll be lucky enough to be gifted a real road-legal vehicle. We have six months to wish for it – better start now so that the wish builds momentum.

Image by VirtualErn via Flickr, under Creative Commons Licence

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