Ghost car for sale

A very unusual car is coming to auction on the 30th of July.

It’s a Pontiac Deluxe Six which has been re-panelled with Plexiglas. You may never have seen one before but that would be completely understandable, since it’s transparent.

Yes – transparent – as in see-through.

This vehicle, which has “normal” contemporaries of the metal panelled kind, was created for the 1930-1940 World's Fair in San Francisco, cost $25,000 (around £15,600) to make at the time, and was the first full-sized transparent motor vehicle to be made in the USA.

It was called the “Ghost Car”, and did once have another transparent car to be friends with, but has unfortunately been the only one of the pair to survive through its eighty-or-so years of existence.

At the time it was billed as a vision of what could be on the roads in the future, but it still stands out from other cars today. For this reason, the American auctioneers, RM, expect to see it sold for somewhere between $275,000 (around £171,870) and $475,000 (roughly £296,870).

You only have to look at the RM auctions website to see how special this car is – but unfortunately the steering wheel is on the wrong side – oh, and we’re a little short of that sort of money!

Image by Hugo90 via Flickr, under Creative Commons Licence

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