New walkway in China is not for the faint-hearted

Driving on roads which wind their way around cliffs can be a bit scary, but motorists are usually reassured by wide roads and crash barriers which mean that they can focus on driving and enjoy the views from their car.

However, walkers hoping to venture across a sheer cliff face in China are unlikely to take luxury in the same kind of reassurance. A 3ft wide walkway has been created for keen travellers who want to venture across the mountainside.

Although to a lot of people that sounds scary enough on its own, the walkway also sports a 2.5in thick pathway made of glass! So, just in case a traveller was to forget about the 400ft drop below them, they would only need to look at their feet for a swift reminder.

People who choose to brave the path are required to put on shoe covers, presumably so that the terrifying view isn’t ruined by a steady flow of muddy footprints.

Hmm... thrilling as the walk sounds, no one here at duck2water will be venturing to China to experience it for themselves anytime soon!

Photo © bsterling via flickr, under Creative Commons Licence

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