The overlord of all 30mph signs

Do you get sick and tired of people speeding past you on the road?

Then you might like to the applaud the efforts of one man who lives in the village of Bow in Devon, who has painted a huge 30mph sign on the side of his home.

It’s 4.5 metres high, cost him £100 in red, white and black paint, and took him five hours to complete!

The man’s aim is to remind motorists of the speed limit as they enter the village during Road Safety Week.

I think it’s a great idea and should be a permanent fixture and potentially copied all over the UK, but sadly the Department for Transport has said that the sign is in fact illegal.

However, before you go and camp next to it in protest – neither the Department for Transport or Devon County Council plan to take action against the giant 30mph sign because it’s painted on a private property and the owner plans on painting over it himself on the 5th of December anyway.

It’s a shame really…maybe they could change the legislation against over-sized speed limit signs?

Photo © bengrey via Flickr, under Creative Commons Licence

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