World’s preeminent feline philanthropist

One cat in Italy is going to have no trouble meeting the costs of his catmobile car insurance quote after this month inheriting £10 million to become the third richest animal in the world – what, £10 million and he’s only the third richest.

His inheritance comes after his 94-year-old owner died, leaving him with a vast portfolio of homes, villas and investments.

The windfall marks a huge upturn in fortunes for the former stray feline, who was adopted by his testatrix only a few years ago.

However, the cash-happy cat is going to have difficulty inheriting the fortune, as under Italian law, cats are not allowed to inherit. As such, a "worthy animal association” is set to benefit, according to lawyers, which will make the moggy the world’s greatest feline philanthropist.

"To be honest the cat doesn't need all that money, he is happy with a saucer of milk and some biscuits,” said lawyers, perhaps a little presumptuously.

The richest animal in the world is the regally-named Gunter IV, a German shepherd worth more than £90 million.

What we’d give to have that fortune!

Photo © [puarmelia] via Flickr, under Creative Commons Licence


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