Boost your car speed with a missile

When buying a new car, drivers usually take the engine size into account. Some motorists are happy with relatively small engine, whereas others are willing to pay extra for an engine with a bit more bite.

The Indy Boys Inc team from Indianapolis, US, have gone to extreme measures to ensure that their 1967 Chevrolet is the fastest car in town. And by extreme, we mean they strapped a cruise missile engine to the roof.

Now the vintage car is capable of reaching speeds of up to 300mph, as well as firing out 30ft flames which leave an impressive trail of smoke behind the vehicle.

The Indy Boys team have already built the world fastest toilet (yes, really) and a jet powered school bus which can astonishingly reach speeds of 750mph – but parents can relax, this bus isn’t actually used for the school run.

Fortunately the driver of this vehicle only uses the car for shows. We have a funny feeling he’d be hard pushed to find a car insurance provider which would offer cover for a car as modified as this!

Photo © Dave Hogg via Flickr, under Creative Commons Licence

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