Back in Blighty

Sometimes the greatest dangers are those closest to home.

Spare a thought for the retired couple from London who recently made a 33,000-mile round-the-world trip in their rare and classic 1956 Bristol 405 Drophead coupe.

The “wrinkly gap year” couple had a whale of a time and hardly ran into any difficulty at all. In fact, although they got a couple of punctures, their trip was pretty much incident free.

So imagine their surprise when safely back in Blighty they parked at their local Sainsbury’s only to have someone put a sizeable dent in the classic car – as welcome back to reality statements go, it takes some beating.

''I was just walking back towards the car and I thought 'gosh, that doesn't look right' and there was a large dent in the near-side front wing, someone had obviously overly crocked it parking next to me and put a dent in,'' said one of the pair.

And with £300 worth of damage sustained, it is probable that the incident has resulted in a car insurance claim.

Image © aldenjewell via Flickr, under Creative Commons Licence

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