Satnavs send motorists round the bend

Have you heard the story about the football loving daughter of the Earl of Spencer being driven to the wrong Stamford Bridge by a misguided taxi driver?

Or how about the tale of a group of schoolchildren who were looking forward to a day out at Hampton Court Palace and actually ended up at Hampton Court in Islington?

The three words that connect these two unhappy stories are ‘satellite navigation system’. Yes that's right, the cutting edge technology that is supposed to be of help to drivers.

In reality the motoring gadgets have caused some people to get lost and others to be involved in near scrapes and accidents.

But the situation could improve if Transport Minister Norman Baker has his way. He is calling for a “satnav summit, where the highway authorities, motoring organisations and satnav manufacturers can map out their ideas for improvements to the system.

Mr Baker stated that “This will help prevent huge lorries from being sent down inappropriate roads and ensure motorists are given the best possible directions.”

Until these plans come to fruition your best bet is to keep a traditional road map in the car. They might be harder to follow than a satnav but at least they won't guide you into a fast flowing river.

Photo © Unhindered by Talent via Flickr, under Creative Commons Licence

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