Icy roads are no problem with the Volkswagen Aqua!

Over the winter months many motorists think very carefully before they get behind the wheel and hit the road – rain, ice and snow can all have a negative effect on driving safety, and, to avoid a road accident, drivers sometimes choose to use an alternative form of transport or to not go out at all.

However, a Chinese designer has sought to change all this with the invention of a new super car called the Volkswagen Aqua.

According to reports, 21-year-old Yuhan Zhang designed an all-terrain vehicle which can seamlessly move between different surfaces for a competition run by Volkswagen.

The vehicle is able to drive on sand, water and roads alike and works similarly to a hovercraft. Two engines mean that it is able to hover above the ground as well as moving forward.

Plus, the car is environmentally friendly with zero fuel emissions as it is powered by a hydrogen fuel cell.

The car has been designed with technology which is currently available, but we have a feeling we might be waiting a long time to experience driving one of these!

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