Old photos

Ah, those were the days – you were young and carefree, with grazed knees, shamelessly wearing clothes your mum bought you, and losing teeth right left and centre (and top and bottom).

It’s nice looking back on old photos and remembering times long gone, but if you can look at your driving licence photo and reminisce you might be in for a £1000 fine.

Apparently, more than 1.6 million UK motorists don’t realise that the photo on their licence has to be renewed every ten years.

Getting a new photo on your licence only costs £20, which is considerably less than the fine, so make sure you check the expiry date and get yours changed if needed.

If you’re too young to be concerned by this, maybe you could make sure that family members are aware of the potential fine and have a look at their drivers’ licences.

As the head of Sainsbury’s car insurance states, “Drivers should also remember that their photo card licence serves as more than just a driving licence. Should they intend to use it as a form of identification for other things such as hiring a car or an internal flight, for example, having an out of date photograph could cause problems or delays.”

Photo © jinterwas via Flickr, under Creative Commons Licence

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