The spy car with double standards

A spy car which the council claim was deployed with the aim of identifying vehicles being driven along bus lanes, but which some public members say was sent out as part of a money-making exercise, has been caught in the act of violating the road laws.

Pictures of the council vehicle taking spy shots from the vantage point of a loading bay and a road supposed to be used exclusively by commercial vehicles have sparked outrage among the local community of Hanley, in Stoke on Trent.

One local worker said, “I can understand why the council is monitoring the situation, because driving in bus lanes can cause crashes.

“But they should practice what they preach. It's not fair if they're going to fine someone for driving offences and then go and do it themselves.”

A spokesperson for the council responded by saying, “Wherever possible the enforcement vehicles park legally and only park in restricted areas in exceptional circumstances.”

To date the spy car has been responsible for the issuing of 8761 tickets, generating over £196,000 in revenue. However, a number of angered motorists have refused to hand over their money.

The council have been advised to take heed of a similar chain of events, which led to an attack upon a speed camera in Lincolnshire recently.

Photo © Arthur Chapman via Flickr, under Creative Commons Licence

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