Red or yellow or pink or green, purple or orange or blue?

Recently a worldwide survey undertaken by a website called Kaggle, which collects “real-world data”, has found that the colour of the car you buy might be less irrelevant than previously thought.

Some people might make fun of drivers who don’t know what model of car they want to buy but know they won’t settle for any other paint job than blue, but the research has proven that potentially these colour-motivated motorists have the right idea.

Reportedly, when purchasing second-hand cars, the colour vehicles most likely to have suffered dodgy repairs or to have been clocked are the yellow ones.

But don’t feel safe buying an outlandishly coloured vehicle yet! When it comes to rarer colours, the riskiest purchases are apparently gold or purple cars.

Your safest bet is orange, according to the data, but stay well clear of any cars which have been modified with extras like fancy suspension and alloys, whatever colour the vehicle may be.

Good luck with any second-hand purchases you make – and remember to perform an HPI check before you hand your money over!

Photo © mlpdesign via Flickr, under Creative Commons Licence

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