Baffling double yellows

Hopefully we’re all aware that double yellow lines mean motorists can’t park or wait on that part of the road at any time.

However it seems that Oxfordshire County Council may not be so clear on the meaning of these common road markings.

In Headington, new double yellow lines have been painted on Bickerton Road. They stretch straight across the road parallel to a speed bump.

Residents are naturally completely baffled.

“What I would take from it is you cannot park in the middle of the road. But I cannot understand what the council is doing. It must be some sort of mistake,” said one local.

The lines, which are part of a £500,000 road safety scheme to make the area safer for pedestrians and cyclists, may have been painted onto the tarmac in good faith but are unfortunately pretty useless.

That is unless there’s a driver out there stupid enough to park horizontally across the middle of a road…

We’re hoping there isn’t.

Photo © dumbledad via Flickr, under Creative Commons Licence

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