To tint or not to tint?

With summer coming up, many drivers might think that getting the windows tinted in their car would be a really good idea, but, if you get it wrong, there can be severe consequences.

Under UK vehicle laws, there are certain windows on a vehicle which must adhere to tinting limitations.

For the windscreen, 75 percent of light must get through and for the front windows, on both sides, 70 percent of light must get through to the inside of the car.

Directgov advises that most modern cars have some degree of tint already incorporated into the glass fitted during manufacture and if you add a further tint this is likely to result in breaching legal light requirements.

The police can stop any vehicle they believe has window tints which are too dark and they use special equipment at the roadside to measure light travelling through the window glass.

Failure to meet the legal requirements can result in the tints being removed on the spot (if they have been retro-applied using film) or a prohibition notice which will stop you from using the vehicle until the correct tint is restored.

There is also a chance that you may be fined or issued with a court summons.

So, our advice is, leave the window tints alone.

Image © J. Chris Vaughan via Flickr, under Creative Commons Licence

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