Road aerobics

When you first started driving a car you might have been told by your instructor that you were steering wrong and that you should use a "push and pull" method instead of crossing your hands over each other to execute turns.

Well imagine having to learn to steer all over again!

Thanks to Honda's concept vehicle the EV-STER ‐ reportedly going into production in the next three years or so – you may well have to.

The car doesn't have a steering wheel, instead it has handlebar-like levers which are pushed towards the dashboard or pulled towards the driver to manoeuvre the vehicle.

Not only might it be quite difficult to learn how to control the vehicle, once you've got the hand of it it's not meant to make your life easier!

A Honda spokesperson states, "The car keeps the driver alert, because it is very sensitive to movement. Your whole body is kept moving.

"In fact it is a mini cross-trainer."

Oh, great! That's just what we needed – a car which strains us physically while we try to keep mentally focused on the road ahead for our own and other people's safety.

Photo © TheChargingPoint via Flickr, under Creative Commons Licence

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