Childhood dreams made real

Did you ever pick up yours or a playmate’s toy car as a youngster and think how wonderful it would be to have it full-sized?

Well, now that you’re in the adult world, having a full-sized vehicle isn’t such a far flung fantasy but some other childhood dreams are.

A team of aviation experts and designers decided to make one of the come true by building a giant paper airplane – and ‘throwing’ it too.

As the world’s biggest paper plane at 45 foot long with a wingspan of 24ft – it took more than a school-boy’s hand to propel this creation into the air.

It had to be lifted to an altitude of 4,000ft by a helicopter before being launched, but it managed to glide at 98mph over Arizona for around six seconds before coming back down to the ground.

The whole project was organised by the Pima Air and Space Museum to “inspire America's youth and spark a passion for aviation and engineering in the next generation”, and it seems it was very pleased with the way things went.

A spokesperson stated, “For several shining moments, our huge, beautiful, silly, hubristic 45-foot paper airplane soared.”

The museum’s executive director was also very happy after witnessing the event, saying, “The arresting visual of the paper airplane in flight rekindled the childhood creativity in all of us.”

Personally I’d like them to build a full-sized cardboard-box castle now…and perhaps if someone has time to make an adult-sized sofa-cushion and duvet cave, I certainly wouldn’t complain.

Photo © antjeverena via Flickr, under Creative Commons Licence

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