Scuba divers go Google van hunting

Determined to grab their moment of fame, two men dressed as scuba divers spent their day running around the streets of Norway following the Google Street View van to try and get themselves caught on the Google maps.

The two men can be seen in views of Rugdevein 30 in Bergen, Norway dressed in dry suits, masks and fins, brandishing pitchforks at the camera and sitting on deckchairs in the middle of the street.

Although most of the UK is now covered by Google Street View, there may be one or two smaller towns that have yet to be filmed, so fame seekers inspired by the two Norwegians' antics could still be in with a chance to get pictures of themselves posted online.

[Image © ToofarNorth via Flickr, under Creative Commons Licence]



Big freeze creates big explosion

With his vehicle turned into a car-shaped popscicle after bad weather froze it solid, the most logical action for one elderly gentleman was to put a blow heater under the bonnet to defrost it.

Unfortunately blow heaters and car electrics aren't the greatest mix, especially when there's melting ice leaking onto exposed cabling.

Consequently the elderly driver's ice-cube-car was soon turned into a flaming firebomb causing two explosions and setting the OAP's house on fire.

Fearing that his defrosting attempt might cost him his house as well as his car, the 76-year-old quickly rang the fire brigade who managed to quench the flames before the fire had a chance to spread.

Sadly the fire was not stopped before the fire managed to exact £35,000 worth of damages including charring to the unfortunate man's house.

No doubt the man will resort to more conventional methods of car defrosting if his replacement car freezes over.

[Image © AMagill via Flickr, under Creative Commons Licence]



Balloon adventurer reaches 15,000ft sitting on his office chair

Ever wished that you could just fly away out of the office window in your chair? Well that's pretty much what one man has just done after attaching 55 helium balloons to his office chair.

Reaching heights of nearly 15,000ft, the office worker had to wear an oxygen mask for part of the flight and thick warm clothes to cope with the -15c temperatures he experienced at such heights.

After spending upwards of £45,000 on his adventure and two years gaining his Federal Aviation Administration licence, the adrenalin junkie flew through 60 miles of North Carolina's skies for three hours with his simple balloon and chair aircraft.

Although steering was a slight problem for the adventurer, ascending and descending was manageable through the release of water which was used as ballast. When the airman wanted to come down, he simply popped some of the balloons with a sharp knife he carried.

Although it could need some refining and the cost may be an issue, flying to work in this style would mean you could go to and from work without ever needing to leave your chair.

[Image © online hero via Flickr, under Creative Commons Licence]

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