Drivers may require a pilot’s licence

Flying vehicles have previously been considered a distant and somewhat impractical dream of the science-fiction fan. Movie-goers have been treated to the view of a soaring Model T touring car in the Son of Flubber and an airborne AMC Matador in the James Bond hit, The Man with the Golden Gun.

These magical film moments may have acted as the inspiration for the manufacturers of the Terrafugia Transition, a car which flies in the face of traditional opinion. In developing a car with collapsible wings and 'glass cockpit' they have realised many people's visions.

Detailing the New York Exhibition of the Terrafugia a company spokesperson said, “Everyone has a dream of a flying car. People in Times Square didn’t know one actually existed. This is the first time they were seeing one.”

Unfortunately the sceptics have already begun to point out the drawbacks of the flying vehicle. They claim that the cost of insuring such a vehicle would be prohibitive. Apparently there would also be a number of restrictions in terms of where such machines were allowed to fly.

One can only imagine the difficulties of navigating high-rise buildings and structures in the American environment. Terrafugia users would also have to keep a look out for birds and potentially even low flying aeroplanes.

Nevertheless it seems that “where we’re going, we don’t need roads.”

Photo © bucket072 via photobucket

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