Water, water everywhere, but none in the south of England

As the hosepipe ban slowly extends its dusty hand over more of the UK, water companies are doing their best to make people stop washing their cars too religiously.

For example, Thames water has had lots of “Proud to be Dirty” bumper stickers printed, and states that “People should wear dirty cars like a badge of honour. You should be proud to have the dirtiest paintwork in Britain.”

The company adds, “It’s green to be brown.”

However, although we should all be doing our bit to get through the hosepipe ban without making the crisis worse, it’s important to keep car windows, mirrors, lights and registration plates clean.

No matter how filthy the rest of your car gets, it shouldn’t pose a risk to your safety on the road.

To be honest though, there’s no need to drive around with a grimy car anyway. Whatever happened to the good old bucket and sponge method? Or, if you don’t even want to use a bucket of water, why not wait for an April shower and use that?

Photo © Amy the Nurse via Flickr, under Creative Commons Licence

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