Lorry driver ‘spills the beans’ on motorway

Motorways are infamous for congestion, traffic jams and delays. However, travel on the M11 near Epping was recently brought to a standstill – by baked beans.

A lorry driver had been trying to avoid a crashed car when his vehicle jack-knifed, spilling his delivery over the road.

As a result, motorists experienced long delays while the Highways Agency cleared the carriageway of baked beans.

Juliet Kinsman was near the lorry with her four-year-old daughter, named Kitty, when the accident occurred. She said they were very lucky not to have been right behind it.

She added, “There were tins and actual little beans everywhere, across all carriageways – only in Britain – and we all had to drive past on the hard shoulder.

“Amazing how you never know what is around the corner in life. I just was so grateful for the timing and that there wasn't much traffic on the road…amusingly I couldn't resist making Kitty fish fingers and beans for supper."

Although the driver of the crashed vehicle received minor injuries, the lorry driver was fortunately unharmed by the incident.  

Photo © peppered via Flickr under Creative Commons Licence

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