£3.1 billion for nothing

It really pays to compare car insurance – according to a recent survey by one specialist, drivers could save a collective £3.1 billion a year simply by going online, comparing quotes and looking for the best deal.

This is hardly likely to be news to the discerning quote seeker. However, it will be to the 20 percent of motorists who, astonishingly, just decide to renew with their existing provider without bothering to shop around.

Perhaps the most amazing thing about this is that it actually only takes a few minutes to make a quick survey of the quotes available on the market.

And it seems that when it comes to comparing car insurance, it is not always the oldest who are the wisest – the same survey revealed that younger drivers were the group most likely to make comparisons of the motor insurance market, while drivers over 55 were the least likely, perhaps because they’re less internet savvy.

But don’t let age be an excuse! Here at duck2water we’re proud to say that we’ve recently got our grandparents using iPads (other tablets are available). In fact the money you save by comparing the market could be enough to buy a whole new iPad, outright.

Image © DaveBleasdale via Flickr, under Creative Commons Licence

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Beating the breathaliser

We at duck2water are not a fan of Alcopal, the new pill which “allows” drivers to drink as many as five pints of full strength beer and still remain under the drink driving limit.

“The product is for blokes like me who do go down to the pub and have more than just one pint,” said the product’s seller.

"You could lose your licence, your job and your home all for the sake of being 1% over the limit.”

It’s a real worry. This pill sends out all the wrong messages. Although it might reduce the body’s ability to absorb alcohol and therefore help drinkers “beat the breathalyser”, the fact remains that it will not improve the performance or ability of drink drivers.

Furthermore, using this pill to get behind the wheel while drunk will not be looked on kindly by anyone’s car insurance company. Also, it’s illegal.

As a spokesperson from West Midlands Police says, “If you’re driving while over the limit, we will catch you.”

I don’t think we’re alone in hoping that this pill is soon taken off the UK market.

Image © West Midlands Police via Flickr, under Creative Commons Licence

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Wheel Clamp Man – hero or menace?

A man from Perth in Western Australia has turned superhero and begun removing motorists’ wheel clamps.

Apparently taking inspiration from Britain’s Angle-grinder Man (active around ten years ago), Wheel Clamp Man dons a green leotard, long rainbow socks, a fake mustache, and red eye mask, and takes to the streets to aid those in need.

After removing a clamp he asks drivers for a small donation, which he then reportedly gives to the homeless. 

This all sounds very amusing and kindhearted, but the problem is that what he’s doing is illegal.  The police state that he is causing criminal damage, and would very much like the public to help track him down.

Wheel clamps are put in place for a reason – and anyone unauthorised to remove them shouldn’t try.  If they feel they’ve been clamped unfairly, which does happen sometimes, they should follow the appeal process available to them.

I’m not sure how much longer Wheel Clamp Man will be coming to the rescue of road users, but hopefully soon he will see that he’s saving road users’ money the wrong way.

Perhaps he should stop cutting off clamps to prevent motorists from having to pay a fine, and instead get a job with a telematics car insurance company.

Photo © ecastro via Flickr, under Creative Commons Licence

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